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Notice: EPA is announcing the availability of the final report, Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources in the United States.

26 Feb 2014 - Science for Environment Policy Issue 405.

In response to complaints by domestic well owners regarding objectionable taste and odor problems in well water, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency initiated a ground water investigation near the town of Pavillion, Wyoming under authority of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act.

Sep 2014. Methane in water bores is a major concern in areas of coal seam gas (CSG) development. There are risks associated with ignition and asphyxiation in closed spaces around bores that create real concern. There are also other risks, such as gas lock in pumps, colour and odour impacts from water quality changes, toxicity due to other gases and build up of gases affecting the integrity of the bores.

The extraction of shale gas--natural gas found in deep layers of shale rock formations--is on the rise in many states. Gas drilling companies will likely drill tens of thousands of wells by 2020. The Obama administration's Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future identifies shale gas reserves as an important new energy source as the U.S. transitions from its heavy reliance on oil to a "clean energy future."

Depending on where and how it’s done, natural gas drilling does have the potential to impact Pennsylvania’s waterways, an independent study reveals.

25 Years Ago (1987), EPA Linked “Fracking” to Water Contamination. Fractures can extend for 2500 ft and frequently to 1000ft, and can spread to neighbouring wells.

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