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Ethics Policy

ASMAA is committed to achieving the highest standards of Ethical behaviour in the way that we liaise with all our stakeholders. This Code of Ethical Conduct is intended to guide the standard of behaviour that we apply in our interactions with all ASMAA stakeholders, placing a special emphasis on our interactions with each other, our members, our customers, our suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

Central to this code is the idea that we will not break the law or engage in “morally suspect” behaviour in the way that we manage the association.

It is the duty of each ASMAA employee, associate, or volunteer to ensure that his/her behaviour is, without exception, guided by socially established principles of honesty, fairness, accountability, non-discrimination and respect for human dignity. We will, by the same token, expect that our stakeholders apply the same principles in the way that they interact with us and with others. Furthermore, it is our collective responsibility to demonstrate the moral courage needed to pro-actively challenge and speak out against unethical behaviour whenever and wherever we encounter it.

These efforts will be underpinned by our understanding that our commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct will be demonstrated in the way that we deal with those less obvious ethical choices that sometimes hide behind the convenient respectability of commercial imperatives.


Core Values, Associate Qualities, Vision and Strategic Intent

ASMAA is firmly grounded in a set of 6 core values and 5 Associate qualities that we have long embraced and practiced in pursuit of our business objectives.

They are:


Core Values

  1. Dignity and Respect: Focused on the way that we will treat our members, associates and stakeholders, regardless of the situations in which we encounter them.
  2. Integrity: Focused on the high moral and ethical principles that we will apply uncompromisingly in the way that we pursue our strategies and operating practices and in the way we deal with all stakeholders. Integrity is more than honesty; it is about behaving at all times in a manner that is never manipulative of the rights and feelings of others.
  3. Accountability: Focused on understanding and accepting the consequences of the individual and collective choices that we will make.
  4. Stewardship: Focused on always taking decisions that will enhance the long-term value of the assets for which we are responsible.
  5. Trust: Focused on nurturing, through example, a powerful belief that this organisation is honest, fair and reliable in its dealings with all stakeholders.
  6. Diversity: Focused on respecting and placing a high value on leveraging individual, cultural, gender and talent differences so that we will consistently unleash the full potential of our work force.


Associated Qualities

  1. Member Driven: Focused on developing a deep and insightful understanding of our members needs, desires and expectations so that we will consistently surprise and delight them with quality, innovation and service at market affordable prices.
  2. Leadership: Focused on constantly seeking a better way in everything we do to achieve excellence in our chosen environments.
  3. Entrepreneurial Flair: Focused on developing a keen sensitivity to our operational environment, one that will enable us to identify opportunities.
  4. Simplicity: Focused on applying our minds to reach the essence of every operational challenge, on communicating concisely and precisely and on eliminating any wasted time, effort or bureaucracy so that we will render a more competitive offering for our members and an environment of excellence for all our stakeholders.
  5. Vision: Focused on predicting creative, clear, insightful and inspiring future scenarios that will give us an edge.

We firmly believe that the consistent and practical application of these values is integral to our ability to evoke desired strategic responses from our stakeholders. This vision provides the benchmark against which we are able to assess the extent to which we have achieved our "strategic intent" to be considered a leader by all stakeholders in our chosen environment.


Ethical Decision Making Guidelines

It is an absolute ASMAA requirement that the decisions and actions of our members are governed by a crystal clear understanding of what comprises right or wrong, good or bad behaviour.

To achieve this all executive members, employees, partners and associates must be able to consistently make the right ethical choices in a variety of situations, some of which may be ambiguous.

The following are the guidelines that must apply if any doubt exists about the ethics associated with a contemplated decision or action:

  1. Is this decision/action legal?
  2. Does this decision/action comply with our purpose as an association? and/or with our goals and objectives? and/or is it aligned to our rules and policies?
  3. Is this decision/action consistent with our values and ethical principles?
  4. Does this decision/action feel right?
  5. Would you be happy if anyone knew about this decision/action?
  6. Would you be happy to have this decision/action published on the front page of a newspaper?

If the response to each of the above questions is yes, then the decision or action that is under consideration is likely to comply with the ASMAA Code of Ethical Conduct. If however uncertainty still exists after applying these guidelines, then it is imperative that you seek additional advice before proceeding.


Primary Principles governing Ethical Conduct in ASMAA.

ASMAA's expected standard of stakeholder conduct is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to uphold the 8 primary principles of ethical conduct described below. These principles are not intended to be exhaustive; they do however offer a “touchstone” against which high-level compliance to our Code of Ethical Conduct can be measured.

  1. We will always abide by the spirit and the letter of the law in the way that we conduct our affairs. We will not tolerate involvement in any illegal acts whatsoever, examples of which include acts such as: anti-competitive behaviour, bribery or corruption amongst others.
  2. We will always act in the best interests of our members, and other stakeholders paying particular attention to their expectations of quality and safety.
  3. We will always strive to maintain strictly professional relationships with all our stakeholders, we will specifically not engage in any activity or accept gifts, favours or hospitality that may compromise our ability to deal with our stakeholders objectively and without special favour.
  4. We will always strive to create a stimulating and safe working environment that is underpinned by respect for the rights of individuals and that is free of prejudice in all its guises. We will stamp out abusive behaviours such as Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination and Racial Discrimination wherever we encounter them.
  5. We will always compete fiercely in our chosen markets, but we will not resort to dishonest tactics in order to gain advantage over any organisation.
  6. We will always maintain accurate and reliable records that provide a fair representation of all economic transactions and that are consistent with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as well as our legal and financial reporting obligations.
  7. Our employees will always perform their responsibilities professionally, honestly and in a way that serves the legitimate interests of our stakeholders. This will include disclosing upfront any conflicts of interest, not engaging in theft of company property, utilizing association assets for legitimate purposes only, as well as protecting confidential information.
  8. We will always act as a compassionate and responsible citizen that is in touch with the issues facing the communities in which we operate. We will be particularly committed to participating effectively in social upliftment initiatives, pro-actively advancing the process of Community Empowerment and demonstrating sensitivity to the impact that our activities and that  of out partners activities have on the natural environment.

These principles are supplemented by additional Policies and Procedures that prescribe the required standard of conduct governing specific situations.

This being said, it is an inescapable reality that the potential to be involved in situations that may lead to unethical behaviour is vast. We are ultimately reliant on the good judgment and integrity of all our members, associates and stakeholders if we are to maintain high standards of ethical conduct.


If you have any questions about ASMAA Code of Ethical Conduct then please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Note: ASMAA reserves the right to amend this Code from time to time.



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