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We strive "to be a successful association working towards creating a better, fairer world for all, while enhancing the lives of our colleagues, members, customers, and the communities we serve"; That means that we are an ambitious organisation guided by social entrepreneurship values and principles, to ensure that everything that…
Download our financial year end report files in the attachments.
ASMAA is now one year old! Over the past year we faced many challenges as a new association in the Algarve, but in spite of all the challenges we successfully defended the Lagos business sector in the first three months of operation; we launched the campaign against the proposed exploration…
ASMAA is committed to achieving the highest standards of Ethical behaviour in the way that we liaise with all our stakeholders. This Code of Ethical Conduct is intended to guide the standard of behaviour that we apply in our interactions with all ASMAA stakeholders, placing a special emphasis on our…
ASMAA's management team has over the years observed how many NGO's compromised many of their values, not because they did not believe in a specific cause, but because undue pressure was applied on them by grantors, big donors or other interested parties - when actions that would fall within an…
ASMAA is the brain child of Laurinda Seabra a Luso-descendent from South Africa that arrived in Portugal late in December 2009. The creation of ASMAA was decided in April 2012 after many months of evaluation and assessment on how to address the massive socio-economic and environmental protection needs identified in…
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  • ASMAA - Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
    NIPC: 510 381 952
    Tel: 00 351 282 182 103
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    Rua Dr. Alberto Iria
    Lote 12, R/C Esq
    Porto de Môs
    Lagos 8600-580
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