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How to find ASMAA’s Stylish Charity Store in Portimão

ASMAA Shop in Portimão ASMAA Shop in Portimão Rua José Pereira Sampaio Bruno, Nº 53, Portimão

So many people have told us that they were struggling to find ASMAA's new charity, upcycle shop and community hub in Portimão. We took notice, and to make it easy for you to find us, here's detailed maps, photos and directions. The shop is ONLY open on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Friday's from 11h30 till 17h00. Other days ONLY by appointment.

Address: Rua. J. Pereira Sampaio Bruno Nº53

Coordinates: 37.142108, -8.540501



For any more information on the ASMAA’s new Portimão shop please call:  Laurinda Seabra on 969 320 231 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


mapa asmaa shop portimao front shop

map shop picture

This is the correct map to our shop.


Google map is WRONG as it is showing the street as it used to be before section next to Pingo Doce car park being closed. You can't drive through anymore.


Here's a quick schematic and directions ...

Option 1 (green line): If you park your car at Pingo Doce car open parking area - please park away from street and closer to the entrance of the covered Pingo Doce parking garage. Then from there is a very short walk from car park (keeping undercover parking garage on your right end side), then it is just a few meters of walk on (sand/gravel area till you reach the tarmac street, keep on straight and you will see our building (Blue building in photo) on your right end side about 150 meters walk.

Option 2 (red line): If you driving to the shop street area. Coming from trafic lights where you have the cemetery on your right, but before Bombeiros building. Turn right at that street light (Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntários that becomes Rua de Olivença), turn left into first road that you can turn left. (Travessa Alexandro Herculano), drive till the end of street and then turn right. (Be careful coming out of that street).

You will see our shop in the right end side (Blue building).

If you have trouble finding a parking space, just double park. Currently we are in negotiations with Portimão council to ensure that there are more parking bays open. We hope to have this situation resolved soon.









For more on the ASMAA shop at Rua José Pereira Sampaio Bruno, Nº 53, Portimão. (Click here)