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Dear Friends,

This last week we had a massive wake-up call when an offshore Jack-up platform was seen anchored off the coast of Portimão in Praia da Rocha for nearly a week. The fact that the platform was in the water, was brought to our attention by many of you and this went viral on Facebook.

It was a false alarm as the platform is in transit to some unknown destination. But nonetheless it brought home what is in store if we do not act before the first platform really hits our waters next year.

What this did was bring home once again, the fact that Repsol is going ahead with the planed offshore program, and how critical it is to bring information about this risk to all the people in the Algarve – the majority are still unaware, or do not want to be aware, of what is being planned and how it will impact on their futures.

The oil and gas offshore program was confirmed on 9 July 2014, by the CEO of Repsol after a meeting with Cavaco Silva (the President of Portugal) in a press release to the media. (To read the article go to links at the bottom of the page)

Since we started the campaign we have reached over 25,000 people out of 450,000. It is too little, its not even 10%, in spite of all our efforts to date.

So, in the next couple of months, now that the madness of the summer season is over, we want to:

  1. Put field organizers back on the ground in the coastal areas of the Algarve to take the momentum that all of you has helped to built up until now - through signing petitions, by volunteering and by donating.
  2. Turn the campaign into a real people’s power movement against the proposed oil and gas operations that the Repsol/Partex consortium has confirmed will be going ahead in 2015.
  3. Design a new dedicated campaign website – Until now, the campaign information has been hosted on ASMAA’s website but it is now getting lost amongst all the other information on the site.
  4. Print and put up posters in the various towns; get signatures on petition forms, etc.

But all these things take resources. We need to raise at least 2000 Euros to help cover the costs of the campaign for the next 3-months.

We are careful stewards of our limited funds, as you can see by checking last year financials. Up to now, all of us (me included) have been volunteering, but the time has come that we need to bring in some more people resources into the campaign team, but we don’t have the financial resources to enable us to do that just yet.

Compared with other parts of the environmental movement in Portugal (the other NGO’s like Quercus, Almargen, etc), not to speak about the oil industry itself, our resources are really minimal. We don’t mind—we doing it because we care and love the Algarve.

Anyway, here’s the bottom line: We at ASMAA most of all, want you to be involved, to be leading actions and organizing events and shaking up the world. That’s far more important to us than money.

But if you also have any money to spare, we could make real use of it. We know it’s been a tough year for the majority, so we’re only asking you to give what you can. It’ll be a tax-deductible donation and every bit helps.

Your support would be an investment in the future and a chance to stand in real solidarity with the organizers of this campaign in this very vulnerable spot on earth, the Algarve.

There’s no guarantee we’re will win this fight, but we’re definitely going to make it interesting and giving it our all.

When we started ASMAA last year, it was not our intention to have to ask for money from our supporters for our campaigns: We wanted all of you involved in the action, not just writing checks. But the fact is that we cannot run any of our campaigns without funds, and the campaign against the oil industry is no different.

Many thanks,

Laurinda Seabra

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