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UnderMining Agriculture: How the extractive industries threaten our food systems

Author: The Gaia Foundation. 2014.

UnderMining Agriculture alerts us to the impact that the extractive industries are having on our capacity to feed ourselves and the health of our planet’s ecosystems.

Case studies from around the world, accompanied by a bold infographic, illustrate how mining – a major polluter of ecosystems, water and air, and a driver of climate change - is destroying the conditions necessary for healthy agriculture and food sovereignty. The mining industry promotes
myths of job creation, economic growth and wellbeing whilst undermining sustainable, resilient and localised food production.

‘UnderMining Agriculture’ is the third in a trilogy of reports on the devastating impact of extractive industries on the Earth.

The first, ‘Opening Pandora’s Box’ (2012), highlights the converging factors that have led to a dramatic increase in the rate and scale of growth of the extractive industries. More communities and ecosystems are affected by mining than ever before, and mining activities are projected to triple worldwide by 2050 if we refuse to change course. ‘Short Circuit’ (2013), the second report, zooms in on one of the major drivers of mining - electronic gadgets, smartphones and laptops.

Their lifecycle - which sees land irreversibly scarred and communities displaced, whilst citizens are duped into a desperate chase for the latest model - is also the subject of our darkly comic ‘Wake-Up Call’ animation and growing campaign.

The research and publication of both ‘Opening Pandora’s Box’ and ‘Short Circuit’ documents the growing challenges faced by local and indigenous communities. This report raises the alarm on how the extractive industries threaten our food systems.

‘UnderMining Agriculture: How the extractive industries threaten our food systems’ encourages those concerned about food sovereignty to work together with those resisting mining - for land, water and food justice.


To download the report in PDF format click here



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